Custom stickers : how does it works?

Surely we differentiate ourselves from the crowd because of our ability to transpose to sticker practically any subject. Unlike what you might think, the difficulty lies not in being able to create a "good looking" design, but be able to do that in a minimal way and respecting some ironclad constraints.

This prevents, for example parts too jagged, or areas / sections too thin, or an excessive amount of elements separated from each other, just to make achievable the cut, simple application and lasting.

This ability has a lot of requests in the field of "tuning"  (i.e. customized cars), where people ask for stickers respecting faithfully the mods they applied on their car. Needless to say, however, that in addition to the world of four wheels, the applications are almost endless.



In addition to the liste difficulties there's also a need to succeed in these tasks quickly and effectively.

The job to create a custom file is not indifferent and it is essential to break down the hours of production, while maintaining an excellent quality, otherwise the cost for a sticker would be prohibitive. Thanks to experience, skills and speed, all this becomes possible and affordable for everyone.



If you are going to ask for a sticker such as "low and wide" with your car, the first thing to do, even before contacting us, is to take a photo in the middle. It's important that the picture is fine, since it determines the final result.

The photo provided must be taken in good light conditions (preferably daily). A photo taken with flash or in low light, puntinosa, perhaps with dark car phone and makes it difficult to interpret the shapes of the car.

Must be positioned at an average height, so as to see the car "on-axis". In the right position you don't have to see the top of the roof and not even under the vehicle.

Let's see a practical example. The photo below was taken in the dark with a flash. The license plate reflected the light, making everything else darker. The condition is not ideal, for a car with a dark paint. The shot was made well in center of the car (neither too right, neither too far left), but definitely too much from the top (as you can notice part of the roof is visible). In itself it would not be a "bad shot" but the sticker once realized, even if faithful to the picture, gives a "distorted" idea, like a narrow and tall car.

person foto troppo-alta

This distortion effect is negative and annoying at the back, while on the front generally does not create such big problems, especially when the top view is deliberately accentuated.

person alto OK


Finally it's important to get perfectly in the center (taken as reference the license plate  or logo) and not on the sides. It should not be possible to see part of the side. Pay attention to the fact that mobile-phones have a camera offset, meaning that if taken with the phone horizontally, the camera will in fact be more to the right (or to the left) of where you are.

Last two things: mobile-phones have a tiny camera that has (necessarly) a wide lens. It means that if you shoot too close to the car, it will then be deformed (almost looking like an egg). In the picture it could even feel cool or hard to nice but... on the purposes to create a sticker is a very bad shape. So take a few steps back. It does not matter if the car will not fill the entire screen.

Provide high resolution photos and not micro-previews. Make sure that there are no parts of the car cut-off. Finally Specify the exact year and model and variant of the car, if it will be hard to understand well all the details from your photo, we'll search on high-resolution photo catalog, in order to interpret it accurately.

person audi

Remember to tell as first thing what color should be the final sticker (light on dark or dark on light). The creation of the file may change. It's true that we can even change colour at the end but, the sticker could lose its nature. In the picture below, for example, you see a sticker (center) designed "light on dark". If the person who requested it had changed his mind at the end of the work, asking for a dark sticker, he got the sticker on the right, which is not technically correct, it is "negative" looking, since parts which sould be light appear dark (and vice versa). To overcome the problem,  we should completely redesign the file.


Normally our cars are made with "full shapes" (larger surfaces means also much more lasting). In case you want a car delineated with contours (on the picture below you can see it on the left), ask for it before starting the creation of the file.



If you have any question or request, feel free to CONTACT US. No fear ! ;)

Doubts about our quality? Judge by yourself

Pre-spaced or print? Understand what you need

Care our suggestings, for easier application

Don't be scared: you can afford all what you need ;)