Are we skilled enought ?

We create stickers for passion, not for business.

Our target audience is people who live "tuning" (=car customization) as something positive and valuable: a form of art and personal expression, an improvement of one's vehicle, an interpretation of design. People who take care of the details and are demanding even in small things, like a simple sticker.


It would be wrong, of course, create a "selection" and filter our contacts, but in fact, this happens in a natural way: hardly the "thug guy" with a ridiculous car ask for us, just because he has such good taste by care details.

(quick sample: low resolution provided pic, zoom and straighten, digital preview of file, during creation and sticker ready to be applied)


Below we created a short video showing some stages: from design to finished product. Nothing crazy, but we suggest that you set the maximum resolution (full HD, or at least 720p) after you click play, just to appreciate the details.

Doubts about our quality? Judge by yourself

Pre-spaced or print? Understand what you need

Care our suggestings, for easier application

Don't be scared: you can afford all what you need ;)