"Low and wide" cars stickers ( even customized down & out )


Particularly attentive to the needs of the world of tuning , from the time we realize that those have now become a classic, or stickers that represent the car viewed from rear .

If you have a car fully customized , do not worry , we can create customized views , faithful in all your changes. If that's what you're looking for , then we refer you to read this page .

For those that do not have the need for customization , we have an extensive catalog ( growing) of cars viewed from the rear.

Initially the site was possible to see all the cars ( in large images ) .

Unfortunately , having occurred on several occasions the treachery of our direct competitors ( which cloned with automatic questionable quality of many of our subjects), we decided to protect ourselves , by removing them .

We understand that it is not easy to apply an adhesive "blind" . For this reason we decided to show a couple of views ( now already cloned and for sale on the web ) to show the style of the drawings. We can guarantee the same level of quality and style , being all made by the same artist .

Despite the realist style , and loyal , we decided to keep the wheels intentionally very broad and prominent, typical of the style " low and wide " .

bestickers demo

With objectivity (and no arrogance) we can say that after our arrival in the world of the web, the standard chart (thanks to automatic clones) was raised.

We show an example of two images, the "BEFORE AND AFTER" of a competitor, which shows a clear miglioriamento.


Although the automatic clone is better than the product prior to our arrival , it is superfluous to add that has an incomparable quality than our original .

As has happened in the past we have every means to prove legally that the originals are our ( the date of creation of the file , the pictures that we used as a reference , passing the various drawings step by step to get to the final product ) .

Our designs are made by real professionals , designers, as well as passionate about the world of four wheels. This guarantees an unparalleled compared to those who craft the sudden , just because he smells the business through mass channels (such as eBay or social networks) . We take this opportunity to remind you that our ONLY official page in Facebook, is THIS ONE , and we are NOT currently on eBay. So if you find elsewhere stickers with our designs , stickers are cloned , of poor quality, sold for the same cost of the original , or a little less .

Keep in mind that the " limit " in this field is given by technical factors: an adhesive must be resistant , easy to attach and intagliabile with the machinery, and we work to get the best, while respecting these limits, otherwise the amount of detail would even higher .

For example, see the image below , which shows our design, 100% faithful to the photo, and the final version , simplified and thickened , optimized for the carving of adhesives.

bestickers demo risoluzione

Unless otherwise specified, the stickers depicting the rear views. Each sticker is achievable in our colors, but keep in mind that the best graphic performance (for both impact readability) is obtained with an adhesive on one surface of application LIGHT DARK. Confirmation ideal, it is white on black.

If you are seriously interested, but you need to be sure that the model in question is the correct one, we can send you a small image, from which it will be possible to understand the model, but unusable for automatic tracings or clones.

Here is the list, in alphabetical order, in constant update. Even that is not on the list may be realized. For any inquiries, please contact us.

· Abarth 131
· Abarth 500 (2007)
· Abarth Grande Punto
· Abarth Grande Punto EVO
· Abarth Ritmo
· Aixam A721 (microcar, 2006-2008)
· Alfa 147 
· Alfa 75
· Alfa 75 (muso)
· Alfa Alfetta GT/GTV (epoca)
· Alfa Brera
· Alfa GT
· Alfa Mito
· Alfa Romeo 8C competizione
· Audi 80
· Audi A2
· Audi A3 2008 restyling
· Audi A4 (vari modelli, viste laterali)
· Audi A4 SW 2007
· Audi A4 SW 2007 muso
· Audi R8
· Audi TT (caricatura, diagonale)
· Audi TTRS
· BMW 320d E90
· BMW M3 E30 EVO
· BMW M3 E36
· BMW M3 E36 with rear wing

· BMW M3 E46
· BMW M3 E92
· BMW X6 2013
· BMW Z1, personalizzata
· BMW Z1 (muso, personalizzata)
· BMW Z3 M coupè
· BMW Z4
· Chatenet Speedino (microcar)
· Chevrolet Camaro (muso)
· Chevrolet Camaro SS '69
· Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2013
· Chevrolet Corvette C5
· Citroen C2
· Citroen C3 mk1
· Citroen DS3

· Citroen Dyane (2cv)
· Citroen Saxo VTS
· Daihatsy Materia
· Ferrari 288 GTO
· Ferrari 348 TS
· Fiat 127
· Fiat 500 VINTAGE (60s/70s)
· Fiat 500 (2007)
· Fiat 500 (2007 - U.S.A.)
· Fiat 500L (2012)

· Fiat 600
· Fiat Bravo MK1
· Fiat Cinquecento
· Fiat Coupè
· Fiat Dino Spider
· Fiat Grande Punto
· Fiat Grande punto EVO
· Fiat Grande Punto Sport
· Fiat Panda (storica)
· Fiat Panda 100HP
· Fiat Punto MK1
· Fiat Punto MK2
· Fiat Stilo 3p
· Fiat Stilo 5p
· Fiat Punto MK2B Speed
· Fiat Uno (turbo, MK1)
· Fiat Uno (turbo, MK2)
· Ford Escort Cossworth
· Ford Escort RS Turbo (XR3)
· Ford Fiesta MK4
· Ford Fiesta MK6
· Ford Fiesta MK6 - XR4
· Ford Focus RS
· Ford KA mk1
· Ford KA mk2
· Ford Puma
· Ford Puma (muso)
· Ford Streetka
· Honda S2000
· Innocenti Mini Cooper
· Kia Creed
· Lancia Delta HF evo (Felix Palier)
· Lancia Delta HF evo 
· Lancia Stratos 
· Lancia Y elefantino rosso
· Lancia Ypsilon
· Lexus LFA
· Lotus Elise
· Maserati Granturismo MC stradale
· Mercedes W124 ("classe E" 1984/1997)
· Mazda 2
· Mazda 3 (2007-2008)
· Mazda RX7 mk3
· Mazda MX5 NB
· Mercedes Vito (muso)
· Mini Cooper
· Mini Cooper S 2005

· Nissan 200SX
· Nissan 350Z
· Nissan Skyline GTR 2008
· Opel Astra J Sport Tourer
· Opel Astra mk6 OPC
· Opel Astra H GTC
· Opel Astra H VXR
· Opel Corsa B GSI
· Opel Corsa C Twinport
· Opel Corsa D
· Opel Corsa D 5p
· Opel Corsa OPC
· Opel Insigna MK6 OPC
· Opel Manta A
· Opel Tigra MK1
· Peugeot 106
· Peugeot 107
· Peugeot 205 GTI
· Peugeot 206
· Peugeot 207
· Peugeot 207 (muso, tuning)
· Peugeot 208
· Peugeot 308
· Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 2013
· Porsche Boxster 2007
· Range Rover Evoque 2013
· Renault 4
· Renault Clio MK1 1.8 16v / Williams
· Renault Clio MK3
· Renault Clio MK3 muso
· Renault Clio MK3 RS
· Renault Clio MK4
· Renault Megane MK3 RS
· Renault R5 Gt Turbo
· Renault Twingo MK1
· Rover MG MGZR
· Seat Ibiza MK3
· Seat Ibiza MK4
· Seat Leon MK1
· Seat Leon MK2
· Seat Leon MK2 (muso1)
· Seat Leon MK2 (muso2)
· Smart Fortwo
· Smart Roadster
· Suzuki Swift MK1
· Suzuki Swift MK4 sport
· Tasso Bingo (microcar, tuning)
· Toyota Yaris MK1
· Toyota Supra MK4
· Volvo 480 Turbo
· VW Corrado 
· VW Corrado (muso)
· VW Golf mk1 Swallowtail
· VW Golf mk1 GTI
· VW Golf mk2 "paraurtini"
· VW Golf mk2 GTI
· VW Golf mk3
· VW Golf mk4
· VW Golf mk5
· VW Golf mk6 GTI
· VW Golf mk6 con fari a led
· VW Golf mk6 R-line (muso)

· VW Golf mk7
· VW Lupo GTI
· VW Maggiolone (epoca)
· VW New Beetle (1998)
· VW Polo 9N3
· VW Polo mk2
· VW Polo mk3 6N
· VW Polo mk5
· VW Scirocco (new)
· VW Touran MK1
· VW Touareg MK1
· VW Up!

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