foto colori

which colors are available?


The standard colors have all the same cost.
Being specific vinyls for sticker-cut, and not mere colored adhesive film, color range available in the industry does not cover ALL the colors, but still offers a fairly wide choice.
The vinyl we use have all of the same technical characteristics.
Despite this there was a greater difficulty in weeding stickers with blue-tone colors (turquoise, blue, light blue etc.).
This is due to a greater hardness to the vinyl.
We therefore recommend using these colors only if necessary, and taking the risk of a difficulty in weeding.

What do we recommend?
For our part, the WHITE is always the best choice (followed by BLACK).
This is for three good reasons:

1. Being neutral colors, they're less tiring.
2. Not containing color pigments their duration in years is higher
3. Always guarantee a good contrast / visibility / readability

Although it may be subject to change, this is the color table that we tend to have always available. For safety it is always better to inquire the actual availability. If necessity is consistent we can contemplate the option to search or order specially other colors than those listed.
Generally (but not in all cases) the vinyl used is a matte finish.




Among the colors are available gold and silver, both metallic (shown below). Generally we use matte finishes (such as silver in the photo). While sometimes a glossy finish (like gold in the photo), but at our discretion, based on availability of materials or need for other large orders. The finish can not therefore be required.
NOT available instead CHROME ("mirror" effect) and chrom in golden tint. Those vinyls, in fact, are often used as economically available at color-markets, supermarkets, etc..
But they did not reflect the standard quality (strength, durability, adhesive power etc.) of vinyls SPECIFIC for stickers cut, and so they are not among our colors.




Although the difference is simple and easy, there is often confusion about it. This kind of colors are simply bright, such as fluorescent highlighters.
This type of vinyl has a cost much greater (at least 3 times higher than standard) and is not always in stock.
Among the standard colors anyway there is someone still there "bright" (especially green "Kawasaki" and orange), so we recommend the application of fluorescent vinyls only when absolutely necessary.


A phosphorescent sticker is made with a vinyl able to store light and "return" for a certain period of time when placed in the dark.
This vinyl is really VERY VERY expensive, especially because we want to provide a quality product (cadmium-free material).
Ask if interested.


When choosing the color, pay attention to the following fact: most of stickers are "versatile" in the sense that in any color they are still beautiful and readable. However, some (usually those where there are people, faces, eyes) have been designed for a more specific use (e.g. light sticker on a dark background, or the opposite: dark sticker on a light background). In these rare cases, the color-change could lead to a sticker that seems to be in "negative effect", less understandable. For many it is not a problem, but we consider correct, for people demandin, to alert keeping in mind this factor. For this reason some demos on the website are built on a light background.

Doubts about our quality? Judge by yourself

Pre-spaced or print? Understand what you need

Care our suggestings, for easier application

Don't be scared: you can afford all what you need ;)