How much do they cost?

Stickers whose subject has already been created, so "on catalog" have an average production cost of € 5 each, which clearly goes down for large quantities of the same color.

The price may increase for:
- stickers made ​​larger than that of "standard"
- stickers where a custom modification is requested
- subjects "overdetailed", or that needs a much more long and laborious cut than the average.

Make a custom sticker, specifically on request, clearly has a higher cost (basically the hours to create the file). In any case, thanks to an experience that allows us to "goal at first try" they're always affordable costs. If you are interested, please contact us.

Unfortunately it is not possible to provide previews before an 'official' order. This is because the generation of a preview can take up to a couple of hours (and the demands are many), and because in the past people have contacted us to get previews which were then used for other purposes. In the case of custom stickers, once realized the file, you will receive a preview for approval before cutting itself.

We do not yeld the files.
There are rare cases in which (on demand) we can provide a vector file. Of course on an agreed fee. A vector file has a high potential, because with it would be possible to create embroiderings, prints on shirts and serigraph paints etc. etc.

Doubts about our quality? Judge by yourself

Pre-spaced or print? Understand what you need

Care our suggestings, for easier application

Don't be scared: you can afford all what you need ;)