Custom resin stickers for hub-caps

The hubcaps are self-adhesive (= do not require additional adhesives) and manufactured under a special resin rubber, which gives them a much more professional and longer life (years).

coprimozzi auto personalizzati

You can not a perfect calibration of the colors, which then may or may not be 100% true. The use of black and white are the best choice for those unwilling to take risks or are looking for the perfect color (which can not be guaranteed). And 'possible to make these stickers in any diameter, and the diameter PRECISE, in millimeters. It is not, however, can require different thicknesses than the standard, which is about 1mm (value subject to slight variations).

To apply you must have a flat and devoid of hazard. The following image shows the attitude of the resins:

resine superfiici non-piane

If applied on the convex surface (= "rounded"), the resin is lifted (red), because of its surface "rubberized", which tends to tiaras.
If applied in the plane resin is applied evenly and smoothly.
If applied on the concave surface of the resin (orange) can also recline, but rise over time. This also depends on the degree of curvature, the porosity of the surface and from environmental characteristics hardly predictable.

For the avoidance of doubt it should be noted that these are "resin adhesive for hubcaps" and covers not true with clip on the back. Then you apply them on your current covers (which as explained must be flat. Domed lids IF you will first need to "flatten" (caulking or other) to create a perfectly flat surface.)

It is NOT possible to the processor usage: metallic colors, fluorescent / phosphorescent, chrome / gold, special paints, glass bottom or patterned relief under the resin. These are all possible features for products in bulk (several thousand pieces).

By printing, you can create a carbon effect, clearly it is just an effect, recreated for the lovers of this finish. It is not meant to pararagonarlo in real carbon. With this technique, the carbon black from an aesthetic effect of low aesthetic impact and credibility, so it is not recommended.

The purpose of these resins is only the personalization of their circle. The request for a graphic containing a trademark is conceivable to get the hubcap as you wish: in body color, interior or otherwise. We disclaim any responsibility for misuse or illegal, such as fake or reproduction, which we do not support in any way. In case the applicant is to be held responsible.

Question: Is it possible to obtain resins with shapes that are not round / circular?

resine bestickers sagomate

For silhouettes square, oval, rectangular (with rounded corners), there are problems.

Theoretically it would be possible to achieve resins with more complex shapes (and we have made ​​in the past), but to do this you need to have a template PERFECT, that you should be able to send a file with the PERFECT contour of the perimeter of the object. At that point we can recreate identical, and generate a punch (= a template for cutting). Provide a perfect template is not easy, we are aware of, so we leave this possibility open only to people (surveyors, engineers, etc.) that are able to provide a specific file. Otherwise, it would be inaccurate (or even could not enter in the seat for which it was designed).

Other typical uses for the standard forms include logos for clackson, inserts, gear knobs (pictured below, is an example for VW Golf MK2), signs applied on the rear bodywork etc.

resine personalizzate pomello cambio golf GTI


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