Pre-spaced or print : DO YOU KNOW WHAT U NEED ?

We could divide the stickers into two main macro-categories: pre-spaced and prints.

What is meant by pre-spaced?

The sticker is made of pre-spaced cut film (vinyl), selfh-adhesive, mono-color.

After the notch part of the waste is eliminated.

Then everything is "fixed" with a application-tape (from mild adhesive power) that serves only to "carry" the whole.

Pre-spaced, ADVANTAGES:

1. high durability

2. specificity for exterior use

3. No minimum quantity

4. There is no "background". The transparent film that seen in the photo above (left) is removed after application, and there is only the adhesive itself (yellow in this case). The background is given by the surface on which it is applied


1. you can't have more shades or colors. At max is conceivable to use 2 films (to have a two-tone). Uncomfortable but not impossible.

2. The application requires a little attention and care, unlike the classic "figurine" that being a single piece is more practical and easy.

3. however, requiring a long manual job for those who produce them, the cost in the case of hundreds / thousands of pieces does not go down as the prints.

What is a print?

Simply a sticker printed on a white adhesive film, which is plasticized (with transparent film, to be more resistant) and punched (= second cut edges).


- Possibility of colors and shades

- The presence of very thin printed details is not a problem

- Not necessarily the shape must be rectangular / circular as you might think: you can create a punch that follows the entire outline of the drawing.


- Better to make at least 2/3 pieces

- You can have a "retreat" after a few months: it is as if the sticker get smaller (about 0.5 mm leaving a halo of external glue)

- It is not always possible an accurate calibration of colors (see for example in the photo on the top, the right small hands is not a bright yellow, it tends to orange)

- The sticker has to have a colored background (white, black or other). The printed film cant' have transparent background.

The sticker on the bottom CLEAR is possible ONLY by screen printing (=serigraphy) , which has reason to exist only for requests for hundreds or thousands of pieces. There are ways to make a fully transparent adhesive, printed, even without using serigraphy, but the result is not appreciable (= colors has a low opacity) so they are not carried out (unless this is the only color black / dark).

In 95% of cases the pre-spaced is undoubtedly the best choice for those who want a custom sticker for vehicles or else.

Doubts about our quality? Judge by yourself

Pre-spaced or print? Understand what you need

Care our suggestings, for easier application

Don't be scared: you can afford all what you need ;)