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F.A.Q. - Frequently asked questions

· How can I contact you ?
To the contact page , click HERE.

· How to make you understand which stickers (already on catalog) I'm interested in ?
Many people will "invent " solutions : those who copy the link , who saves the image , those who make ' a photo of the screen, who describes the design ... In fact, everything is much more simple: if you are sailing with a desktop computer ( = not by phone) and you have placed on the sticker of your interest, you will see the name. This name is intuitive and unambiguous . Once you click on the preview, it opens a window with an enlargement . Even at the base of this window , at the bottom, the name appears in gray color of the adhesive.

 · How long have I to wait after my order?
Of the average prespaced already in the catalog are realized in a couple of days . The custom decals in 3-4 days ( time for file creation ) . The prints ( = more colors ) and the resins instead have a waiting time of 10-14 days, given that the machines are switched on only when it reaches a sufficient quantity of pieces ( also from different orders ) . To all this is added the time of shipment. It should be borne in mind that sometimes you may encounter slight delays , such as the order of color ( rallentamendo of 2/3giorni ) or disposal of large orders already in progress ( time is not predictable ) . In any case it is always in our best interest to do everything as quickly as possible . And because we do not like you to wait for both to move on. Resins and printing color ( = therefore NOT stickers decals ) instead have to wait about two weeks for graphic design / implementation because it is expected to achieve a minimum amount before the machines .

· Can you provide sun bands for windshields ?
Currently we only logos / graphics to be affixed to these bands , but the bands , for 3 reasons :
1. Use a vinyl quite expensive , so it would be expensive than standard
2 . Glasses have curvatures in two axes ( vertical and horizontal ) so it would be better to provide a shaped band taking into account these curves rather than straight, but do not have the dime - glass
3 . Would not be easy to apply
For these reasons, our suggestion is always to apply from inside a black stripe from those dark glasses ( so that it remains perfect, with the correct shape , at a low cost , etc. ) . After that we will give you the ' adhesive ( written , logo or other) of the desired color , to be put outside . In this way you can also consdervare the black background and change the graphics / writing if you would like to change it. The solution of the film darkening is also less invasive or for driving, given that it appears black from the outside , but from inside the car allows you to see through .

· Can I apply the stickers from the inside of the glass?
Obviously it . The vinyls are designed to be applied from the outside, but you can also apply the inside of his car . Clearly the glue side (visible from outside ) is slightly less aesthetic of the other, and there must press hard to hide any dirt / bubbles. It ' also possible on demand to realize the adhesive mirrored that, if applied by the inner glass , has as correct sense of reading the outside , instead of the inside .

· Can I apply them where the wipers pass ?
Although some tests carried out show that the resistance even in case of collision is good / excellent ( according to the subject ) , suggest always to apply the adhesives only in areas free from friction that might lift or damaging them

· Can I wash your stickers with rollers and / or spears ?
More people have told us that there were no problems. We do , however, suggest a more delicate, since it washes very violent . Some adhesives may not have the slightest problem ( due to the thickness of the lines , location , etc. ), while others may also be damaged or have principles of lifting the corners finer . If you have a habit of drying your car by hand with a cloth , and you also pass on to a tape, remember to dry starts starting from the thickest (or internal) to the outside. Otherwise, going from the outside towards the center as you could raise any small bits , which could give way to a principle of detachment . If kept with care stickers can last several years .

· Can I apply stickers with snow / rain?
Absolutely not. Our vinyls have an operating temperature ranging from -30 ° C to +110 ° C. The temperature , however, in which are to be applied must be between +5 ° C and +60 ° C. Avoid applications during frost or snow, although the car window may appear dry and clean , may be present crystalline formations of ice ( not visible to the naked eye ), but that would lead to the detachment of vinyl within 12/24h from its application.

· Can you provide paint-masks (stencils) ?
Many people prefer to have (on fairings , helmets, brake calipers , etc. ) or design a logo painted instead un'adesivo . For this purpose it is possible to make a stencil , a paint mask . Practically a sticker that will cover your item , allow the part to be painted. Once you have removed the sticker your logo / sticker will appear painted directly on the piece . To avoid jagged edges or other defects is always better to let it make a good body shop or airbrush.

· Can I have the file ?
For us, the transfer of a file is a real risk : we are very far indeed copied, but the clones and replicas have an inferior quality . If one of our files ( nice and quality ) were used on professional equipment as ours, for us sappresenterebbero direct competition . Besides, it would be unfair to the printing companies . In fact, the service that we offer here is done for passion: 5euro ( on average) asked for a sticker DOES NOT pay off the necessary work ( 2 hours of labor in the creation of the file, use machinery to carve , time for dispensing, quality vinyl and tape for application) . Graphic Design Company asks about 100Euro to produce a vector of comparable quality to our own. Then assign that file would constitute unfair competition , as well as the risk that many printing companies are bypassed because of our fault. Nevertheless, in some cases ( rare and special ) was handed the file, appropriate compensation must be in line with the market value.

· I ordered for a custom sticker. Will you list it in the catalog ?
If you have asked a sticker that was not available, and we made ​​especially for you, we reserve the right to choose whether to put it in our catalog or not. This choice takes into account the interest that might arouse. Of course, if you asked us the initials of you and your partner , 99% will not be posted ... but if we have carried out a slogan that could be nice or a person who might like it , there's a good chance that become part of our catalog.

· Can I ask for exclusivity?
Some people need to be the only ones for which it is carried out a specific adhesive . This benefit is not always possible . The assessment of this situation goes ' request immediately , and its outcome is not always possible . And ' conceivable request for a fee .

· I need to send you a file or photo ... how can I do?
To prevent spam and abuse has been disabled sending files from the site. Contact us by filling out the contact form (here). We will reply via email and from there you can attach files such as photos or any other email conversation .

· Why can't I pay directly from the site?
The payment functionality from the site has been intentionally disabled, because 99% of people who contact us want at least a custom sticker , whose budget is not achievable automatically be assessed carefully (as well as the fattbilità is to occur ) . In this way we favor a direct contact with the person , which allows to understand more effectively the needs of the applicant.

· Do you also provide wall-stickers ( or other surfaces ) ?
We have seen that other adhesive manufacturers talk about " Wall Stickers " (= wall ), although use of the normal vinyl films . Surely there are cases in which (thanks to the walls very smooth and free of porosity ) the application of an adhesive is not a problem, but it is equally certain that there are cases in which the vinyl will not adhere properly or even fall off, due to roughness , moisture, plaster walls, leaking etc. . So we invite you to simply use a "wise" of our product, preferring areas that lend themselves . So far we have had positive feedback even from people who have used our stickers on surfaces such as leather upholstery . We suggest smooth surfaces (plastics, metals , glass, etc. ) and clean and we therefore consider it the responsibility of the client, the choice of an appropriate area .

· Do you have a shop ?
We do not have a location open to the public nor are traveling with booths at fairs . There is no " stock " or "shop" for the simple fact that all decals are made always and only on request , and never in stock .

· Can I work for you?
This service is currently only done for passion and not for business , and prompted only a partial reimbursement of expenses ( which is used for the maintenance of machinery, supply of materials, the site server etc etc) . We are investing , sacrificing our time ( and gain ) to our personal choice, only because we believe that bestickers can become something really big and we want to see how far we can get . It is incorrect , however, ask a professional to work without pay. For this reason (currently) do not accept applications.

 · Can I ask for a sticker I've seen elsewhere or a brand ?
As specified within the site do not realize stickers that are profane, racist , hate writing , etc. blaspheme . For the rest, in principle , we always strive to make the requests. Given that there have been many different cases ( brand owners who asked not having lost the file was rebuilt , people who have made ​​long ago to do a sticker , and they wanted a redesign of the same , others who had the car brands sponsor ( or suppliers) that no longer exist or be found , etc. etc.. responsibility for any copyright violations has declined to the applicant. so far there have been no issues related to this topic but , in principle , at least, we invite you to think about using of a brand . one of our personal opinion (which does not relieve from liability and does not change the existing rules of course ) is that if you are using the brand of a small business / artisan is more likely that person is to thank you , in fact it is all advertising you do them. If you're using a well-known brand , of which there are millions of adhesives in the world ( without naming names , think for example in some tire manufacturer ) is highly unlikely that there are no problems (after all you are helping to spread the brand ) . If you use a brand belonging to a luxury segment (relative to the world of motorsport , or clothing , or otherwise) , which you may not even exist in adhesives .. and go tapezzare a vehicle ( aesthetically and qualitatively questionable) it is clear that you run into problems. These considerations are only suggestions and opinions .

 · Which are your official channels, except this site ?
For now the only official area , in addition to this website , it is our facebook group ( this ) . Any other medium / channel / site / page / shop that brings our name , or our graphic design or style or another is merely a replica (not authorized ) .

 · Can you ship outside Italy ?
There would be no problem. Unfortunately, due to Tax Reasons, we not CAN'T issue an invoice outside Italy. WE can ship, at an average cost of 13euro (europe), but the invoice must be issued to a (even private) Italian citized, without any problem could have asked us to ship to a relative or friend outside Italy.

 · Which are your official channels, except this site ?
Normally a set of resins for hubcaps costs 35Euro , including shipping, all obviously with regular taxes and fees. "Set" means 4 pieces or (if possible) 5. Because "if possible"? We always realize 5 pieces. It happens that one, in fact, could damage during production, and do it again would have a high cost. So, for safety, we realize 5. If all 5 are good, the customer will receive a spare one, in homage. The cost of 35Euro also includes the graphic realization of the subject required. They are generally simple logos, lettering or similar. Before confirming this cost, is always better to send us a demo of what you are asking for: in case of very complicate graphics (and therefore hours of processing) there could be a supplement.

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