Helpful hints

Although there are specific products, the application of stickers requires no special skills, and can be done by anyone.

Nevertheless, it is better to be informed in order to obtain an excellent result and overcome any obstacles that may arise during the operation.

First of all avoid to engage yourself with the application at times when you are in a hurry, stressed, alone or in extreme weather conditions (hot / cold), to avoid problems with glue.


We recommend that you use a table or at least a plan, smooth, stiff, and CLEAN (no impurities, granules or other).

Place the adhesive.

Gently heat it with a hair dryer held a foot away for a few seconds (about ten). Avoid heat too aggressive.

Press firmly with your fingers or using a rigid instrument but without angles. The risk, otherwise it would be to rip / rub the adhesive.

The pressure must be strong, but applied SLOWLY, without moving quickly or else you could create a distortion / stretching.

At this point we proceed with remove the transparent application-film, which in fact is the only part a bit 'difficult. The sticker must remain attached to the transparent film.

In ideal weather conditions there will be no problems, but if stickers have been exposed to extreme hot or cold (winter or summer), the adhesive may find it difficult to rise.

This also because it is used a high quality vinyl, very powerful. For this reason the film for transfer (with a mild adhesive power) might struggle to lift it.

During this operation it's always preferable to keep the sticker "boarded", thus promoting the detachment.

IF is not working, pick with 2 fingers (front and back) the part that is not coming.

It 's also possible to "take back" the adhesive, or reposition and restart from another side / direction with the weeding.

In the most difficult case it may help using a pin or a sharp cutter (with new and clean blade). It's an operation that can frighten those unfamiliar or has not ever done, but has no side effects and manually raising the vinyl everything will be easier.



METHOD 2. (with illustrations)

spellicolare disegno EN cut

While the first method is generally used on cold season, there's another option, maybe more suitable for hot summer.

A common trouble is the following: the transfer tape isn't strong enought to raise the vinyl, which remains on its support paper.

Solution: unroll the support paper in a close fold, in order to force the detachment of the vinyl (see the pic and image below).

spellicolare dettaglio

spellic piega-stretta





IF once applied the sticker have bobbles, it means you applied on a surface not perfectly cleaned or contained impurities (even sensitive).

Using a credit-card or a phone-card 45° inclined trr to "push" any bubbles towards the nearest end, in order to vent the air.

If the bubble is too big and the ends are far apart you possibly can also apply a small hole with a pin on the air bubble. At that point, press it doing vent excess air. It will remain a small imperceptible hole.

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