How long do they last?


All type of prespaced stickers are made with films specific for outdoor use, calendered polymeric vinyl. Life declared by manufacturers  varies from 4/5 years to 6/7 years, according to the film.

This of course is an approximate value, and presumably calculated under optimum conditions. Obiouvsly a vinyl glued to a closet in the house, could last even 20 years ... while on a car come into play several factors: sun (which reaches temperatures of glass and metal exorbitant), snow, acid rain, washes, etc. etc.

Surely as a color may tend to fade, black is the longest of all. On the white is only a slight yellowing.

Obviously stickers placed on a car that is often parked in box and used in days with moderate climate is going to last more than one car daily driven and always outside.

Fiannly stickers placed in places like sills etc. are less exposed than those who take the UV rays (and heat) in a direct way (hood, roof, etc.).

For stickers that go on the rear-windows are obviously to be avoided areas where it could pass the wiper.

Avoid direct spray lances (car wash) or rollers, which could go to affect contours. Similarly, if dried with cloth by hand, be gentle passing in those areas, and if there are any of the tips do so to dry to the outside, and not against the edge (could create a lifting).

When properly applied and maintained with care, no special defects (lifting or other) appear.


There is a "withdrawal" of the material, since after a few months.


The stickers are always produced for external application. This is because if applied from inside, any air bubbles would be noticed more, also because it would be a less aesthetic view of the side (the glue). Finally, even the color would be not so good, since the car windows are never a perfect crystal clear. They are a bit 'blued and smoked glasses.

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