foto dimensioni

How big are they?

The stickers are available in both STANDARD size and formats on request.

The "STANDARD" dimension ranges normally in an area between 8x8cm and 15x15cm (approximately).

The standard size is variable because the aspect ratio (height / width) can change from subject to subject, and also because it varies the amount of detail.

In case there are no special requirements, the stickers are always made in a standard size considered optimal for that subject.

The sticker "low and wide", which shows the cars from behind, for example, if no arrows normally have a width of 135mm (and height in proportion, variable according to the car).

Is it possible to make a sticker in a different size than the "standard" ? Clearly yes, BUT:

In the case of magnification, the amount of material used increases, with consequent increase of the production cost.

In the case of shrinkage it's always necessary take an evaluation of detail.

If a sticker includes details rather small, reducing the size could make them TOO snall. This is to be avoided, as it may lead to:

- Damage of the adhesive being notched (the blade of the plotter has to make two cuts in less than 1mm, and the vinyl is likely to rise and curl, ruining irreparably).

- Difficulty in application / removing transfer-film

- Risk of lifting (a 1mm wide surface has a lower adhesion compared to a 10mm surface)

The ideal thing, then, it would follow the dimensions considered "standard" as they have been assessed in order to obtain a precise balance (not random) between aesthetics, durability and functionality.

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